Principal Investigator 

Professor Paul E. Dux, PhD (cv), +617 33656885 


Google Scholar Profile



Dr. Hannah Filmer, PhD

Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow

Dr. Kelly Garner, PhD 


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Birmingham/The University of Queensland 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Senior Research Scientists


Dr David Lloyd, PhD

Graduate Students

Ms. Susan Travis

Ms. Abbey Nydam

Ms. Aisling Mulvihill

Ms. Kristina Horne

Si Jing (SJ) Tan

Shane Ehrhardt 

Andrew Kennedy 

Yohan Wards

Amaya Fox

Research Assistants

Ms. Zoie Nott

Senior Research Scientist-At-Large

Dr. Claire Naughtin, PhD


Now at: Data61, CSIRO

Dr. Michelle Hall, PhD


Research Officer/Data Badass

National Centre for Educational Research (NCVER)

Honour Students

Taking Hons students for 2020 - up to 5 in the lab. Email if you are interested in working with us


Dr. Stephanie C. Goodhew, PhD


(PhD student, 2009-2011)

Faculty and ARC Future Fellow at The Australian National University (ANU)

Dr. Warrick Roseboom, PhD


(RA, 2009-2011)

Lecturer in Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex

Ms. Rebecca King


(RA, 20011-2013)

After Graduate School in Public Health at The University of Oxford, now helping others

Dr. Dana Schneider, PhD


(RA, PhD student, 2009-2013)

Postdoctoral Fellow at Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany

Dr. David R. Painter, PhD


Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Dr. Luke Hearne


(RA 2012-2014)

Post-doctoral researcher at Rutgers University

Ms. Amy Taylor


(RA 2012-2014)

Medical Doctor

Dr. Ashika Verghese, PhD


Ms. Angela Bender


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UWA

Dr. Anthony Harris

Postdoc UCL

Ms. Morgan Spence


Senior Consultant at Aginic

Ms. Ashley York



Ms. Anica Newman

Med School, UQ

Mr. Dustin Venini


Ms. Christina Kordatou (Honours Student, 2009, Hons I)

Ms. Carly Myberry (Honours Student, 2009, Hons I)

Ms. Ashleigh Kelly (Honours Student, 2010, Hons I)

Mr. Philip Witowski (Honours Student, 2010, Hons IIA)

Ms. Claire Naughtin (Honours Student, 2010, Hons I)

Ms. Frances Jemesen (Honours Student, 2011, Hons IIA)

Ms. Elle Jones (Honours Student, 2011, Hons I)

Ms. Rebecca Lam (Honours Student, 2011, Hons I)

Mrs. Susan Travis (Honours Student, 2011, Hons I)

Ms. Angela Bender (Honours Student, 2012, Hons I)

Mr. Jonathan Chong (Honours Student, 2013, Hons I)

Ms. Zoie Nott (Honours Student, 2013, Hons I)

Ms. Steffi Cook (Honours Student, 2014, Hons IIA)

Ms. Casey Lynch (Honours Student, 2014, Hons I)

Ms. Elizabeth Varghese (Honours Student, 2014, Hons I)

Ms. Jessica Bagnall (Honours Student, 2015, Hons IIA)

Mr. Maxwell Lyons (Honours Student, 2015, Hons I)

Ms. Emma McNulty (Honours Student, 2016, Hons I)

Ms. Phoebe Palmer (Honours Student, 2016, Hons I)

Ms. Roxanne Wells-Peris (Honours Student, 2016, Hons IIA)

Mr Shane EhrHardt (Honours Student, 2017, Hons I)

Amaya Fox (Honours Student, 2018, Hons I)

Ashleigh Griffin (Honours Student, 2018, Hons I)

From Left: Chelley Hall, Abbey Nydam, Paul E. Dux, Claire Bradley, Hannah Filmer, Dustin Venini, Kiki Horne, Amanda Pascoe, Suzie Travis, Shane Ehrhardt, Anica Newman (absent: Morgan Spence).

From Left: Morgan Spence, Abbey Nydam, Dustin Venini, Kiki Horne, Paul E. Dux, Chelley Hall, Angie Bender, Aisling Mulvilhill, Ant Harris, Ash York, Suzie Travis (absent: Kelly Garner, Ashika Verghese, Emma McNaulty, Phoebe Palmer, & Roxanne Wells-Peris).

From Left: Ashika Verghese, Hannah Filmer, Claire Naughtin, Kristina (KiKi) Horne; Paul E. Dux, Michelle Hall, Angela Bender, Ash York, Ant Harris, Abbey Nydam, David Painter (absent: Kelly Garner, Morgan Spence, Suzi Travis, Maxwell Lyons, Jessica Bagnall)

Lab 2014

From Left: Kelly Garner, David Painter, Angela Bender, Claire Naughtin, Lizzie Varghese, Abbey Nydam, Ashika Verghese, Hannah Filmer, Steffi Cooke, Ant Harris, Casey Lynch, Michelle Hall, Morgan Spence, Amy Taylor, Suzi Travis (absent: Paul E. Dux)

Lab 2013

From Left: Claire Naughtin, Michelle Hall, Luke Hearne, Susie Travis, Kelly Garner, Amy Taylor, Paul E. Dux, Hannah Filmer, Anthony Harris, Angela Bender

Lab 2012

From Left: Robert Eres, Claire Naughtin, Rebecca King, Jonathan Chong, Susie Travis, Kelly Garner, Hannah Filmer, David Painter, Dana Schneider, Paul E. Dux

Lab 2011

From Left: Susie Travis, Frances Jemesen, David Painter, Elle Jones, Kelly Garner, Dana Schneider, Paul E. Dux, Ashleigh Kelly, Rebecca King, Rebecca Lam, Claire Naughtin. Absent: Stephanie Goodhew

Lab 2010

From Left: Paul E. Dux, David Painter, Claire Naughtin, Susie Travis, Dana Schneider, Ashleigh Kelly, Philip Witowski, Stephanie Goodhew, Warrick Roseboom

Lab 2009

From Left: Paul E. Dux, Christina Kordatou, Carly Mayberry, David Painter, Dana Schneider, Warrick Roseboom, Stephanie Goodhew